Services & Qualifications

security guard watching and operating video monitoring surveillaPrivate Security Services, Inc. is fully dedicated to achieving the best results for each client. All PSSI security officers work at least 8-hour shifts, up to 40 hours per week. Shifts are flexible to accommodate our clients’ needs for security during all hours, including weekends and holidays. Specific job responsibilities are designed in accordance with the size, type, location, and security needs of the client.

All PSSI security officers have passed the PA Act 34 Criminal Record Check, and completed classroom training on subjects such as property rights, emergency procedures and detention of suspected criminals. (Act 120 completion is preferred.) Armed officers are fully licensed in accordance with PA Act 235, and have relevant previous experience (e.g., Federal or state law enforcement, corrections, retired police officers, military police, etc.). Drug testing is required, and will be random and ongoing.

All PSSI officers undergo continuing education training to retain their certifications in such areas as protection, public relations, report writing, crisis deterrence, first aid, etc., as well as specialized training relevant to their assignments. Job evaluations and performance assessments are conducted on a regular periodic basis.