Certifications and Training

2016: Tactical Shotgun
2015: Taser: Electronic Control Device
2013: Project Manager, Threat Assessment
2012: Body for Hire: Executive Protection Advanced Tactics
2011: Utah Pistol Permit; Basic AR 15; Practical Interrogation Techniques
2010: Aspects of Terrorism; Motor Vehicle Inspection/Traffic Supervision; Active Shooter Response; Practical Handcuff; Domestic Violence in the Workplace; Suspicious Packages; Security Management
2009: Professional Rescuer CPR/AED; Practical and Tactical Handcuffing; Active Shooter response; Corporate Security; Retail Security, Warehouse Security; Response Ready; Emergency Prevention and Preparation; Use of Force;  Report Writing; Courtesy in the Function of Security; Shoplifting in the Retail Environment; Liability Issues for Security; Patrol with Purpose; New on Duty; Unlawful Harassment
2008: Basic Investigations; Cultural Diversity; Strikes, Pickets and Crowd Control; Master Security Officer Training III; 6th Degree Black Belt Aikido Master
2007: Casino Security; Nightclub security; Security for Special Events; Professional Rescuer CPR/AED; Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training; Physical Security and Loss Prevention; Stationary and Mobile Patrol; Crime Prevention and Response; Traffic Control; Private Detective License; Certified Executive Protection Agent
2006: Fire Safety Officer Training; Master Security Officer Training II
2005: Bank Security; Parking Lot/Garage Security; Advanced Security Surveillance; Master Security Officer Training I
2004: Police Academy: Lethal Weapons Act 235; Basic Security Surveillance Training; Basic Security Procedures; PA License to Carry Firearms; Radar Speed Measurement; Written Communication; Observation and Description; Traffic  Stops; Handcuffing
2003: PA Child Abuse History Clearance: Act 34
2002: 5th Degree Black Belt Aikido Master; Pepper Spray/Handcuffing; Expandable Baton; Comprehensive Report Writing
1997: Tae Kwon Do Master’s Certification 4th Degree Black Belt
1996: Licensed Aikido Instructor 4th Degree Black Belt
1993: 3rd Degree Black Belt Korean Hapkido
1992: Basic Nightstick; Report Writing
1991: Connecticut Armed Security Training; Hatha Yoga Instructor’s Certification
1990: Basic Firearms Training; 2nd Degree Black Belt Korean Hapkido
1998: Firearms Safety; Connecticut Gun Permit; 1st Degree Black Belt Korean Hapkido
1985: 1st Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do